Information about Kinky Heroes


What is Kinky Heroes?

You’ve discovered a kink-friendly marketplace filled with wonders; one specifically designed to connect skilled artisans with fellow community members. Built from the ground up, curious browsers will find everything their heart (and other pertinent body parts) desires, from breathtaking fetish fashion to adult toys and tools created with pleasure - and sometimes exquisite pain - in mind.

Why Was Kinky Heroes Founded?

The kink lifestyle is a unique blending of shared common interests with a distinct flavor of personal preferences. The connection between each community member and the individuals they play with is like creating a decadent piece of art. In 2019, Kink Heroes was created to answer the question: why should lifestyle tools, decor, and lovely, naughty delights be any different?

Rather than “sneaking in” to mainstream sites and hoping to make a living, our site celebrates the very aspects that make these erotic products so different: your passions and desires. We appreciate and support the vendors that stock our toy bags, our dungeons, and our bedrooms: we hope you will too.