Inspired by Fire - Yew Spanking Paddle

On a continuing theme of being inspired by the classical elements, my latest hand crafted Yew paddle has been inspired by Fire. Yew is a heavy, dense and hard wearing wood incredible, beautiful orange grain. Finished to the highest standard and treated with a polyurethane varnish, the wood is sealed and allows to be gently wiped down with a damp cloth.

This paddle has been designed with sensation in mind. Not only does it feature numerous silky smooth curved edges of different sizes, perfect for running down arms, legs or any other body part of your partner to give a warm and sensual feeling, this paddle also comes to a sharp point, perfect for a sexy scratch and a more localised and powerful sensation.

This paddle is excellently balanced and can be used in any orientation. The wide base provides a 'thuddy' sensation which gets stingier towards the tip. In experienced hands, this will prove to be a wonderfully versatile addition to any collection


Body length: 8 inches
Body Width: 4.75 inches
Body Thickness: 0.5 inches (tapering towards the tip)
Handle length: 6 inches

This premium paddle comes with two brand new additions, a 10mm brass insert hanging hole (smoothed to prevent cuts and abrasion) and a hand made custom mosaic pin insert, designed to represent the BDSM triskelion . As always, this piece comes in a hand made luxurious silky black draw string bag to protect it from scuffs and scratches and for easy concealment.

Embrace quality and luxury, embrace KinkKustom.