Ankle Stocks with Base and Eyelets

Lock your subs feet in place, tie their toes to the eyelets and enjoy!This has being out most requested item to date and it's  finally here. The perfect device for restraining your subs feet for a good tickle... maybe even a little flogging if they have been really bad ;)

Made to order, no not just the colour ect. Really made to order...

I was over ordering wooden and steel restraints that either turn up too loose or too tight or even the wrong shape! (my wrists quite flat and wide) so I made my own to my exact dimensions and I want to share the enjoyment of having a perfect fit with you too! Just send us your measurements with your order :)

Also let me know what kind of finish you would like too, as in looking beat up and used in a dungeon (like ours!) or silky smooth as well as if you want it stained a certain colour.

Thank you and enjoy!

SIZINGSmall - ankle 2" x 3""Average" - ankle 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"Large - ankle 3" x 4"Or Custom and let us know!

Also please consider that when ordering the padded option that this will reduce all the sizes by roughly a 1/4 inch.

Padlock included ❤