Yew and Resin Spanking Paddle

Ready for something new?

An entirely new take on paddle design, integrating beautiful live edge Yew contrasted with the stunning beauty of blue pearlescent resin.

These new paddles are a true upgrade in style and beauty, turning a standard spanking paddle into a real (and very functional) work of art. Each piece is completely unique, the ethically sourced wood is hand picked for its beauty whilst the design has been tweaked to maximise comfort, style and balance.
Each piece includes the signature mosaic pin inclusion (ensuring that your paddle is a KinkKustom original) and a 10mm brass insert hanging hole, smoothed to prevent cuts and abrasion. The paddle comes in a hand made luxurious silky black draw string bag to protect it from scuffs and scratches as well as for easy concealment should the need ever arise, however it is advised to proudly display the paddle at all times!

Each paddle is finished to the highest standard with a polyurethane varnish, allowing the piece to be wiped with a damp cloth with no risk of damage to the paddle.


Overall Length: 14 inches
Body length: 8 inches
Handle length: 6 inches
Body Width: 1.8 inches
Body Thickness: 0.8 inches (at the butt) to 0.4 inches (at the tip)