Dragon Tongue Paddle

An evil piece with a serious sting. With an effortless flick of the wrist it has the same feel as being caned... twice... in the same spot...

You can even use it as a normal paddle with the "tongues" whiping round to provide two completely different sensations with a single swing. Perfect for those who want to be in control <3

Made from hand finished Redwood pine it feels great in the hand and thanks to the heavy rubber face and the large number of brass tacks it has a nice weight to it as well. It is the perfect size it inflict pain in the most sensitive of regions.

We now also have the option to choose the finish. Linseed oil really brings out the colours of the timber and works really well after torching the wood, Bees wax on the other hand offers a more natural lighter tone with the added bonus of smelling amazing!

If you have any questions about the item don't hesitate to ask.

Enjoy <3

Dimensions - 60cm/24" x 4.5cm/1.75" x 2.5cm/1"

Weight - 310g