Rubber Wrist Cuff

As the name suggests this is an extremely heavy duty restraint for BDSM/Bondage, It is made using the strongest components we could find. The rubber itself is 4mm thick and intended to be used for industrial conveyor belts however we found a far more exciting use for this material ;) This also makes our collection some of the most heavy duty vegan BDSM equipment available!

We now only sell items hand made using our new REINFORCED RUBBER, we want all of our items to be of the best standard possible using the best materails and hardwear available. This gear will withstand some extremely rough play!

The piece itself is extremely weighty yet is really quite comfortable, so you can rest assured that you sub is both secure and comfy (until you decide to change that, that is...). being 2 inches thick it allows for some pretty rough play without any harm coming to your sub so feel free to throw them around just that little bit more from now on...

To order simply select one of the options above, tell us what size we are making it for and let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything specific you would like doing.

Thank you and enjoy!